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Baby handkerchief



Universal Microban antimicrobial certified

8 times more absorbent microfiber design


skin baby

Quantity: 1 pc

Antimicrobial test certified by SGS Taiwan Limited.
Certified report no:TX40253A/2010PL
Certified report no:TX41729A/2010SH
Patent no:358154

Our baby handkerchiefs are specially designed for ultra comfort and care for your baby’s delicate and tender skin. They are extra soft and absorbent, thoroughly drying off perspiration, moisture and any dirt without worry of any fiber shedding. Additionally, our handkerchiefs have anti-bacterial and anti-molding properties, which make them suitable for everyday use. These handkerchiefs are light, handy and convenient to store anywhere your baby goes! Let your baby be clean and healthy everyday!


Keep dry after each use. Care for your baby handkerchiefs by drying them after each use. Wash them with regular pH neutral detergents. This will help you preserve the life of your baby handkerchiefs.


Microfibers are almost twice as fast and absorbent as cotton. 1/200th the diameter of a human hair, microfibers can absorb 8 times their own weight in water.

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