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   Since 1989, we have devoted ourselves in manufacturing shoe materials in textile industry. All these years, we have been managing the business with honesty, trust and quality in mind, which led us through the grobal trade decline.
   Our factory began with manufacturing shoelaces to all kinds of textile products. With expanding from OEM to ODM in mind, we keep improving our ability and technology to apply nylon, cotton, polyester fiber and other materials into textile uses. We keep researching and improving in order to reach our goal of producing convenient, practical and desirable products.
   After the flourishing period, Taiwan’s textile industry has stopped its steps. The developing of fiber uses and techniques seem to get stuck. After the marketing shifting to China, we focus more on fiber innovation and development. We hope to create high quality and comfortable products. We devote to keeping our root in Taiwan by keeping and improving the core technology of textile here and let the world see the power of this land.
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